Danielle Chartier’s Member's Statement

Member Statement – Radiance Cohousing Project Nears Completion

Ms. Chartier: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I am pleased to rise today to acknowledge a wonderful housing project that began construction last fall in my constituency, and will be completed this spring. Radiance Cohousing, a nine-townhouse project in King George, is one of two co-housing projects in Saskatoon Riversdale, of which there are only 119 completed in all of North America. Co-housing is a type of housing development that includes fully equipped private homes clustered around shared indoor and outdoor space, with the design itself creating opportunities for neighbours to interact.

Mr. Speaker, co-housing is planned, designed, owned, and managed by the residents who will be living there. Because of this, the final product is the result of decisions that were made through a collaborative and co-creative process, and reflects what the residents want in their own homes and in the shared spaces.

Radiance Cohousing is also breaking new ground in more than one way in Saskatchewan. Aside from the co-housing model of development, they are building their project to meet passive housing standards, which are considered to be the most rigorous voluntary energy-based standard in the design and construction industry today. Passive house buildings consume up to 90 per cent less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. Mr. Speaker, there’s no furnace in this particular project. It’s quite amazing.

I ask all members to join me in congratulating Radiance Cohousing on their innovative, forward-thinking, environmentally friendly project, and in thinking about ways that we as legislators can foster and support the development of the passive house industry in our province. Thank you.

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