Danielle Chartier’s Member's Statement

Excerpt from “Debates & Proceedings” – HANSARD
1st Session – 27th Legislature of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
N.S. Vol. 54 – No. 9A Monday, March 5, 2012
Page: 261

Ms. Chartier: Literacy, Fundraiser Speed Scrabble Tournament

Ms. Chartier: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, later this week the member from Saskatoon Nutana and I will be taking part in a Speed Scrabble Tournament at the University of Saskatchewan. This event is a fundraiser for literacy programs in the province, with all funds being directed to READ Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Intercultural Association, and the Central Urban Métis Federation. Each group does tremendous work in providing literacy supports to adults, families, and workplaces in our communities.

Luckily, as social democrats, we have a natural advantage at Scrabble. Child care, Mr. Speaker, is a 17-point word. That’s especially impressive if you compare it against other words, another nine-letter word like austerity, which is only 12 points.

However, the competition will be fierce. Some of our rivals include teams from the U of S [University of Saskatchewan] Aboriginal students? centre, the Scrabboriginals, and the University of Saskatchewan Students? Union aboard the USSU Enterprise. Our group is Team MLA, the Masters of the Lightning Anagram.

Our team will have to be mindful not to play Scrabble like politicians though, because acronyms don’t score many points, and in speed Scrabble, if you can create many two-letter words, you’ve got an advantage. Sadly, short and sweet is not always how people would describe politicians.

Mr. Speaker, as we enter this fundraiser — this is the important part, Mr. Speaker — we ask for the support from our colleagues from both sides of the House. The member from Saskatoon Nutana and I just happen to have pledge forms with us. Any donations to Team MLA will be greatly appreciated. I also want to ask all members to join me in offering our thanks to the hard-working volunteers and directors of these organizations and to the USSU [University of Saskatchewan Students? Union] and its Learning Commons Partners for hosting the event.

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