Statement on 34th Annual Kinsmen Telemiracle

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mr. Speaker, this weekend marked the 34th annual Kinsmen Telemiracle. This year, Telemiracle raised over $4 million, surpassing last year’s total of 3.8 million, an absolutely amazing feat for a telethon that lasts only 20 hours. As always, Saskatchewan people gave generously, making the event a huge success.

Telemiracle first began in 1977 in Centennial Auditorium in Saskatoon, and certainly no one would have dreamed 34 years ago that the momentum would carry this event on for three decades, raising more than $85 million. This money has helped thousands of people throughout the years, both individually and through the organizations that Telemiracle supports. Financial support from the Telemiracle Foundation helps to provide special needs equipment and access to medical assistance to Saskatchewan residents, groups, and health foundations.

The independence and improvement in quality of life that this provides is invaluable. This year Telemiracle committee was kind enough to offer MLAs a behind-the-scenes tour, giving us a sneak peak at how much work is put into making this event happen. It’s a hive of activity backstage, especially processing the thousands of donations that came in. Every year it takes approximately 1,200 Kinsmen and Kinettes to run the Telemiracle, not to mention the 120 production volunteers.

Thank you to Charlene Duckworth, Chair of the Kinsmen Foundation; Heather McInnis, Chair of Telemiracle 34; and Executive Director Joan Steckhan for offering us a chance to see their hard work. Congratulations on another successful Telemiracle.

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