Danielle Chartier’s Member's Statement

Excerpt from “Debates & Proceedings” – HANSARD
1st Session – 27th Legislature of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
N.S. Vol. 54 – No. 45A Monday, May 14, 2012
Page: 1505

Ms. Chartier: “Made In Saskatchewan” Film Appreciation Night

Ms. Chartier: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Last night the member from Saskatoon Nutana and I had the pleasure of attending the “Made In Saskatchewan” Film Appreciation Night at Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon. With appearances by Kim Coates of the popular TV show, Sons of Anarchy, and Ron Goetz, the president of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association, the event showcased the amazing pool of Saskatchewan film industry talent by featuring films including the award winning Lupine Life, Neighbours Dog, Bionic Bannock Boys, Interpersonalities, Rabbit Fall, Wapos Bay, The Sideshow Christmas, and the never-before-seen Resurrection SK and Rufus teaser.

Our Saskatchewan film industry workers create phenomenal, beautiful, high-quality films — films that create jobs for Saskatchewan people, films that generate six times the amount of money for our economy than what is spent on the Saskatchewan film employment tax credit, films that put Saskatchewan on the map, films that tell our stories, films of which we can all be very, very proud.

But while I left the film appreciation night with a sense of pride, I also walked away feeling profound sadness. We are about to lose this industry and many of the fine creative workers and families that come with it. No matter how the members opposite spin the elimination of the Saskatchewan film employment tax credit, it makes absolutely no sense. Without a competitive tax credit, our film workers are going to have to pack up their families and leave this province to work elsewhere. So much for the Saskatchewan advantage.

And so, Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this moment to thank the passionate and resourceful team who have been instrumental in organizing last evening’s event and today’s rallies to support the film industry. You have done an amazing job of reaching out to people and shining a spotlight on our incredible, creative, valuable film industry. Thank you.

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